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Hassan El-Amine
Creative Director / Founder

Clinic21’s engine and nonstop dynamo. Passionate about the world and great ideas. Thinks variety is the spice of life and works on several projects in addition to Clinic21. Current affairs aficionado. Great conversationalist who can chat about anything from quantum physics to the Champions League or contemporary art. Lover of sports, outdoor activities and chillaxing with friends.

Sima El-Amine
Managing Director / Founder

Entrepreneur with a positive soul.  Love for football is at fever pitch. Immeasurable passion for start-ups.  Verified social media guru.  Boundless energy empowers her with the extra pizazz to dedicate time to ‘Studs & Pitches’ and other juicy projects.  TV series addict and juggler.


Saad Shaar
Art Director / Partner

AKA DJ SAAD(EIN), spinner of Balkan beat and fun Arabic tunes at trendy hipster havens. Master mixologist who can serve them shaken or stirred. “Monkey Business” is in his soul. You can see his acting prowess in action in an episode of Shankaboot.


Ibrahim Mantoufeh
Art Director

Lifelong learner, has a degree in acting and graphic design and is currently working on his post graduate degree in communication arts. Lives, breathes and eats design. Certified workaholic.

Manal Mohsen
Assistant Manager

No nonsense go getter. Straight forward and resourceful.

Dedicated fruitarian but sometimes succumbs to the temptation of chocolate and ice cream.  Loves RPM classes. Woman of few words…but when she speaks, each syllable is intriguing